Starts at 6:00pm Friday 14th September 2018
Runs for 2 days


Starts at 6:00pm Friday 14th September 2018
Runs for 2 days
TTR LT1, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington

PxlJam is a 48-hour game making competition.

You have exactly 48 hours from the start of the competition to plan, build and submit your game for judging.

PxlJam starts at 6pm on Friday with the announcement of the theme and runs until 6pm Sunday followed by voting and prize giving. Everyone from first-year university students to seasoned game makers, including non-students, are welcome to sign up and make some games.

You will compete in teams of up to 5 people to make a game inspired by a theme. This theme will only revealed at the start of the competition. You must submit your game by the end of the 48 hours in order to qualify for prizes. There are no restrictions on the amount of preparation your team can do before the event but we discourage you from making game assets beforehand or adapting a pre-made game to the theme. We want you to turn up with an open mind for all possible games that could be made from the theme.

The judging criteria are based on aspects of gameplay, polish, innovation and creativity. These aspects were chosen to reflect the work you do during the competition and rewards teams who focus on the gaming experience more than teams who focus on complexity.


Teams are allowed, we recommend a maximum of 5. You don't need to register with a team, just show up on the day ready to go.


The price of entry is $30, which includes some limited food and a t-shirt. The entry fee is due before the end of the second day of the jam.

How to attend

Hit 'attend' above to indicate your intention to participate in BluJam. That's all we need!

An email closer to the time will collect your shirt size and any other info we need.